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Below diagram shows successful professional search process in general. During search process, all information are kept confidential. We point to make the clients' business successful and to be a good business partner. Our search process is systematically desigened with proven rich experience.

Understanding clients' requirements   The clear understanding of the client's business and the position to be filled and the requirement, make the process efficient.
Contact   Agree on the terms and conditions
  -Research into industry and company
-Internal data bank search
-Personal network for referrals
Systematic Research  
Incubating Stage   Produce a long list of candidates
Evaluation and Screening   Screening resumes and interviews by Next Selection
Final Selection Stage   Produce two or three candidates
Recommendation   Recommend the candidates to client with Next Selection's evaluation report
Client Interview    
Compensation Negotiation   Assist both the client and the selected candidates for smooth negotiation
Employment Agreement    

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