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Resume shows your own communication skills and work knowledge of qualification. Be creative and make your own version. Since your resume makes an impression on you before you meet the reader, it should be quite impressing, persuasive, and objective, so that you can get an opportunity to discuss your qualifications with the employer.

  • Write down in your English Resume about your job concept and activities in detail.
  • Fully describe your career objective for your desired type of occupation.
  • Send it to our e-mail address shown in our homepage with your date of birth written on.
  • Your resume will be registered and strong candidates will be informed about their interview schedule after 3 days.
  • Please do not send us zip files which are highly vulnerable to virus infection.
  • We accept resumes written in English only.
  • Do not send your Korean resume to us and make sure to prepare our document using MS-Word file.

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