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Completed by

Hong Kil-Dong

Date of Reference check

October. 21. 2004

Person Contacted

Hong Kil-Dong

Name of candidate

Kim Kap-Dol


00000 Korea / CFO

Position Applied for







Confirm Working Relationship:
I confirmed that Kap-Dol Kim was employed by Motorola Korea from October 1995 to October 2001. And he reported to me as finance manager in the company. He set goals and worked tenaciously toward and derived satisfaction from delivering our agreed goals and commitment.

How long did you have working relationship with the candidate?
Worked for relationship with 6 years !

- General Accounting & project cost
- Budget planning
- Treasury
- Internal control

How would you assess their performance overall?
He was a good performer in job descriptions as well as company initiating projects by taking responsibility in a accurate and timely manners. He demonstrated accurate analytical skill in cost on smartcard business with Seoul city & China as traffic provider in Motorola in 2001

He was much focused, strongly self-motivated. He also had a passion to overcome obstacles and difficulties in achieving goals. He was well qualified with accounting and tax knowledge as AICPA

Weaknesses, areas of improvement:
He needs to challenge himself to higher level of performance as area of improvement

How did he/she get along with people?
He had a good communication and interpersonal skill with team members and he supported team's expectation and guideline. Also, he demonstrated personal commitment to the team

What was the best way to manage him/her?
I expected him to take responsibility for goal setting, action planning, and monitored the processes & accomplishments

Would you work with him/her again?
Yes, I will work with him again

Feedback from internal & external customers?
Everybody liked him because he is people oriented person and this becomes him strength at work.

What about his/her personal qualities?
He was well organized and reasonable person who had good communication and interpersonal skill within organization.

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