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Here we declare our commitments to clients and candidates. As a leading searchfirm which meets global standards, our primary interest is to achieve high level of satisfactions for both clients' and candidates'. We secure all the information of our clients and candidates confidentially, based on our global policy.

  • All information and documents will be handled in confidence and not open to the public and no leak without permission.
  • Candidates are only introduced by their express consent.
  • We undertake to present the client with suitable qualified candidates for the agreed position until one is either recruited successfully or the client is compelled to suspend or/and cancel the recruitment plan under unavoidable circumstances or due to a lack of qualified candidates relevant to the open position.
  • Throughout the search process, client and candidates are kept informed of on-going progress.
  • Search activities will never be made known to other parties of the client's organization without the mutual consent.
  • Any candidate recommended and interviewed is given a proper written position description that the client approved for the open job.

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