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Below list is the summary of general mistakes that a candidate tend to make during a job interview. Please read carefully and be prepared for a good result. You will come to know that a job interview is making and showing your total image. Delivering right image is essential step to get what you want.

Please do not try to bring your car on the interview day. Instead, using the public transportation is strongly recommended. Because if you drive a car in a nervous condition in order to meet the interview appointment, you might not arrive at your interview on time due to unexpected heavy traffic. This could seriously impact your image during your first interview.

  • Do an advance research on new job position through various channels such as news and homepage.
  • Prepare yourself for the basic and frequently asked questions for the interview (Including English interview).
  • Get familiar with knowledge and office routing directly related to your job position and prepare yourself with a straightforward answer.
  • Make a list of questions to ask the interviewer (Refer to our Next Selection Homepage - To Candidate section) Various questions related to your job, company and industry are recommended. Diversify your questions, if possible.
  • Get dressed with comfortable suit to look more professional, Avoid low-cut dress for female candidate.
  • Try to maintain a classical and polished stylish appearance.
  • For male candidate - Tie, shoes, color of socks, color of suit and shirt, belt and buckle
  • For female candidate - Shoes, stocking, color of suit, shirt or blouse, handbag, make-up, hair style.
  • Attend the interview with carefully choosing the design, color, decoration, shape style and material of your shoes. Even small things can reveal your personality and taste.
  • Classical & polished stylish and natural look which matches your own style is mostly recommended.
  • Try to reschedule your interview when it gives short notice time, if not urgent and inevitable. Save the time for you to prepare the interview with more comfort.
  • Prepare a pen and note for the memo. If you urgently need to write down some important information, do not hesitate but allow for an excuse to write down the necessary information.
  • Be on time for the interview (MUST)
  • Approach the interviewer with confident and active appearance.
  • Provide the interviewer with persuasive and reasonable explanation for why you want to transfer to the different company.
  • Explain how well you can contribute to the company. Show your passion and interest.
  • After the interview finished, show your appreciation for this opportunity to the interviewer. Shake hands if between men.

  • Avoid nervous appearance or negative and passive motion. (shaking legs, cross arms, avoid eye contact and etc)
  • Do not mention negative opinion about your previous company or supervisor. If that is the reason to change your job, prepare with a better explanation.
  • Don't be too much attached to the salary amount.
  • Avoid questions related to salary, bonus or other benefits in first interview. In general, your salary will be discussed after your final interview.
  • Don't exaggerate your ability and previous performance.
  • Don't make the interviewer to repeat the question. Your answer should be clear enough at first sight.
  • Don't come up with an overstated expression about your past if not asked.
  • Don't be tense or show any unprofessional attitude because you forget the part you have memorized.

Thanks for your interest.


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