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The systems of foreign companies are quite different from those of local companies. So, you'd better know the differences before applying for a job in a foreign company. Here we provide some useful information about titles and salary in foreign companies. We will keep on posting valuable contents which will be of help to you.

Korean Title     Global English Title
Sa Jang     General Manager / Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / President
Ji Sa Jang     Branch Manager
Bu Sa Jang     Vice President / Executive Vice President
Cheon Mu     Managing Dircetor
Sang Mu     Executive Director / Department Head / Group Manager
Isa     Director
Bu Jang     Manager
Cha Jang     Assistant Manager
Kwa Jang     Section Manager / Section Chief
Dae Ri     Assistant Section Manager / Assistant Section Chief
KyeJang     Sub Section Chief
Ju Im     Officer-In-Charge / Supervisor
Sa Won     Office Worker

In a foreign company, salary generally includes Annual Base Salary, Guaranteed Cash (Meal allowances, Transportation allowances, Car allowances), Variable Bonuses, Sales Incentive, Profit Sharing, Other Bonuses. They make Total Remuneration Cash, which is tax plus.
  • Annual Base Salary
    Base Salary + Fixed Bonuses
  • Annual Guaranteed Cash
    Annual Meal Allowances, Annual Transportation Allowances, and Annual Car Allowances (fixed payment)
  • Fixed Annual Variable Cash
    Fixed Bounses and other remunerations based on Sales Target or Performances
  • Annual Total Remuneration Cash
    The sum of total annual salary and other benefits
Generally, salary is tax plus total amount of Annual Base Salary + Annual Guaranteed Cash + Fixed Variable Cash. Others including ProfitSharing, Performance Bonuses, Other Benefits are subject to company policies which are different from company to company.

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