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We provide professional executive search service and fine career matching for below listed industries and career fields. Mainly we serve for 100% foreign owned subsidiary multinational companies except few exceptional cases.With experienced and systematic search process, we judge and recommend the best suitable candidates.

Consumer Product, Retail Market (Retail MD, Product Sourcing MD), Domestic & Duty Free Field, Cosmetic, F&BP, Marketing, PR, Manager, Brand Manager, Product Manager, Make Up Artist, Product Training Manager, Boutique Manager, Luxury Brands Field, Shop Master, Visual MD, Business Unit Manager, Trade Marketing, Trade Category.Cosmetic Chemist, External Affair Manager, Legal Affair Manager, curator, COLORLIST (Color Expert, Color Consultant & Color Specialist), Fragrances, Flavors, Food ingredients, Fragrance & Beauty products, Consumer & Technology.Sales & Marketing (Channel sales, Distribute, Route Sales, Direct Sales), Mass Market, Noblesse Market, Import & Export, Key Account Manager, Account Sales Manager

Finance & Accounting (KICPA & AICPA), MBA, FRM, MIM, MIS, Ph.D, Master, Juris Doctor, Treasury, CFO, Credit Collection, FX Dealing, Financial Planning, Cost Accounting, General Accounting, Managerial Accounting, TAX, Option (Call or Put), Internal Auditor ( Sarbanes Oxley -404 required)

Telecommunication(Soft ware, Transmission Equipment, Cable&Wireless) E1 T1 MUX, ATM Switch, Hub, Router, Frame Relay, Wan, SNA, Spectrum, ADSL, VDSL, PABX, ISDN, Digital Cross Connects, Fiber Optics Transmission, Switchgear Equipment.
IT (UNIX, IBM AS-400, HP3000, HP9000, VAX, SUN, RS6000, ERP, MRP, SAP (2.2D, 3.1H, 4.0H) R3, Multi Tier, 3 Tier, Business Logic Application, MFG-pro, BPCS, LAN VAN, Networking .Oracle, Informix, RPG-I II III, POS, Progress, Sybase, Platinum, Pharametric, Power Builder, Visual Basic, 4GL, Lotus Notes, Clipper, SQL Server, Window-NT, End User etc.

Technical Sales & Marketing, Presales, Technical Account Sales.PhD.Master.FAE, Industry, Semicon company(Memory, Digital, Linear)or, TFT LCD (Array, Module, Cell) PDP(Plasma Display Panel), Dry/Wet Etching, Photo, LCD Marker, Process Engineer. ASIC, CORE- WEAR Engineer.Device Engineer. Logic, PLD-FPGA, RF Engineer, PCB Sales Engineer, Prober Application Engineer,

HR (Compensation & Benefit, Labor Union, Strategic Planning, Recruiting, Training) Administration (Real estate Site Finder) & Logistic Field. CRM, Supply Chain Management, Inventory control, Procurement, General Secretary, Executive Secretary, Social Secretary, Organization Development (OD), Employee Relation (ER).

Department of Medicine

Medical Director, Medical Doctor, Medical Advisor(Clinical Fellow Ship), Allergy(Allergy Specialist), Anestheology (Anestheologist), Cardiac Surgery(Cardiac Surgeon), Cardiology(Cardiologist), Clinical Genetics(Clinical Genetist), Clinical Pharmacology(Clinical Pharmacologist), Dermatology(Dermatologist), Diagnostic Radiology(Diagnostic Radiologist), Emergency Medicine(Emergency Medicine Specialist), Endocrinology(Endocrinologist), Family Medicine -FM ( Family Physician), Gastroenterology-GI(Gastroenterologist), General Surgery-GS(General Surgeon), Hemato-Oncology(Hemato-Oncologist), Infectious disease(Infection Specialist), Laboratory Medicine(Laboratory Medicine Specialist), Nephrology(Nephrologist), Neuclear Medicine(Neuclear Medicine Specialist), Neurology- NM(Neurologist), Neurosurgery-NS(Neuro-Surgeon), Obstetrics and Gynecology-OBGYN(Obstetrician), Oncolology(Oncologist), Ophthalmology(Ophthalmologist), Orthopedic Surgery-OS(Orthopedic Surgeon), Otorhinolaryngology-ENT(Otorhinolaryngologist), Pathology(Pathologist), Pediatric Cardiology(Pediatric Cardiologist), Pediatric Neurosurgery(Pediatric Neurosurgeon), Pediatric Orthopedics(Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon), Pediatric Psychiatry(Pediatric Psychiatrist), Pediatric Surgery(Pediatric Surgeon), Pediatric Urology(Pediatric Urologist), Pediatrics(Pediatrician), Plastic Surgery-PS(Plastic Surgeon), Preventive Medicine(Preventive Medicine Specialist), Psychiatry(Psychiatrist), Pulmonology(Pulmonologist), Radiation Oncology(Radiation Oncologist), Rehabilitation Medicine(Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist), Rheumatology(Rheumatologist), Urology(Urologist)

Prosthodontics(Prosthodontist), Orthodontics(Orthodontist ), Operative dentistry/Endodontics(Operative Dentist/ Endodontist), Periodontics(Periodontist ), Oral Surgery(Oral Surgeon), Implantology(Implantologist), Pedodontics(Pedodontist)

Pharmacist, Nurse, Others
CRO(Clinical Research Organization), CPM(Clinical Project Manager), COM(Clinical Operation Manager), CRM(Clinical Research Manager), CRA(Clinical Research Associate), CTA(Clinical Trial Administration), RA(Regulatory Affair), MR(Medical Representative)

Chemical, Petro Chemical, Agrochemical Field, Formulation.Adhesive 1or2 component type Polyurethane, Pigment, Filter, Starch, ABS,PS, PP, PE, Linear Low Density Polyethylene, Epoxy Molding Compound, Resin, Polymer, Copolymer, Additives, Urethane, Synthesis, Silicon, Master Batches, Bond Master.LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, HOTMELT, Epoxy Resins, EAA(ethylene acrylic acid).Dry & Wet Strength Resin, biocides, emulsion products, Water soluble polymer, Emission calibration, Catalyst converter, HCCI(Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Technology).
Filtration system in refinery, (Back Flow Filter, Liquid Filter, Air Filter, Water Treatment, Textile Filter), Filter Clarification Systems, *Internal & Spur Gear Pump, 2 & 3 Screw Pump, Diaphragm Pump, Aero-mechanical Conveyor, Magnetic Drive Mini Gear Pump.

Building Automation System (HVAC Control System) Home Automation System(HAS) EHS System (Environment, Health & Safety), Plant Manager, Process Engineer, Operation Manager, Processing Sales Manager Project Manager, Medical Equipment & Raw Material Sales Manager, SCM Manager, Production Planning Manager, Purchasing Manager, Supplier Development Engineer, Quality Assurance Manager, Supplier Quality Engineer, Quality System Engineer, Field Trial Engineer, Component Engineer, Automotive & Vehicle Material Engineer, CRT Engineer, Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF) Engineer Urban Planning Engineer, Vacuum Equipment, Application Engineer(Apps), Design Engineer, Civil Engineer (Plant Control System, Steam Turbine Generators) Pert- CPM (Critical Path Method) Process, Bar Process

Attorney, Patent lawyer, Business Consulting, Bank, etc

@ Search serviced Only 100% Foreign Owned Subsidiary Multinational Company.@

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