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Do you know that 100% Foreign Owned Subsidiary Multinational Companies tend not to accept a second interview if the candidate wasn't accepted at first time, and it is not good to distribute your resume through many searchfirms? If you use the Search Firm while performing job searching activity, I recommend you to know these followings, so you can cautiously manage and control the situations in advance.

100% Foreign Owned Subsidiary Multinational Companies tend not to accept a second interview if the candidate wasn't accepted at first time. So please be aware of the fact. There are some exceptions noted, however most of them are rejected after they failed to get accepted.

Especially, 100% Foreign Owned Subsidiary Multinational Companies in luxury brand are more inclined not to accept a second interview. Even though the candidates have a lot of qualifications, they need to conform with the firm's image in order to get employed.

Please make sure not to send your resume to several firms simultaneously while using a search firm. You might face a situation where you can't apply for the best position that you were looking for. From the candidate's perspective, they may use the opportunity to process several job offers. However, the candidate could suffer a decline in his value or reputation in the job market. At the same time, the search firms will face difficult problems. This will cause another problem among client companies which decided to hire the same person. In this situation, the candidate usually will get rejected. We've seen a lot of instances like this. Therefore, the candidate must cautiously decide.

The candidate must be able to find the right expertise to help with the job searching. A consultant with an exact knowledge of the field could be more advantageous. The candidate needs a competitive strategy while searching for a job. For the first step, the candidate must prepare for an interview with one or two search consultants. This will enable the search consultant to swiftly process the searching activities since the candidate had an initial interview with the consultant. However if too many processes are advanced under several search firms, the consultant will immediately stop the process. The candidate will be regarded as trustless.

We believe that contacting two search firms is mostly appreciated. For the confidentiality of the candidate, it is recommended not to spread the individual's private information to too many firms. Generally, there exists a gentle agreement between competitor's firms not to hire the employees away. Be careful not to get involved in this kind of situation. Therefore, it is preferred to keep a confidential position during the process of job searching and until the candidate gets employed. Do not notify others before the process is completed.

If a person is looking for a position at a 100% foreign owned subsidiary company, he or she must specifically and logically describe the Main Job Accomplishment for his or her historical career record and education. We've seen people who have established Main accomplishment in his historical career record but none in his educational background.
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