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Do you know that 100% Foreign Owned Subsidiary Multinational Companies tend not to accept a second interview if the candidate wasn't accepted at first time, and it is not good to distribute your resume through many searchfirms? If you use the Search Firm while performing job searching activity, I recommend you to know these followings, so you can cautiously manage and control the situations in advance.

During employment in foreign company, appealing and competent employees with quick promotion usually have a good career management skill. When an employee has no consistent job concept and activity, the applicant would never be considered as first candidate. But instead, his career record would not receive proper recognition during promotion.

For example, an employee in accounting field with general, cost, managerial accounting experiences and an experience person in HRM, C&B, Training, Labor Relationship have more possibility to become a head manager compared to other candidates who have career experiences unrelated to his career path.

If you consider to change your job position or to move to different work place, you need to have a clear career goal and align with your job concept and activity. There are many candidates with good scholarship, however they faced lot of difficulties during job transition.

Especially, candidates with career records in different division due to regular rotation while working in the domestic company or candidates with various experiences face difficulties to decide for a right direction. Therefore, we need to emphasize the importance of career management. Career management will allow candidates to be recruited as potential employee, but without proper career management, candidates will loose their opportunity of employment.

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