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We provide professional executive search service and fine career matching. Treating serviced in only regular employee positions. Based on long lasted experiences of search services for foreign company, we operate open career consulting system. If you are ready, please discuss with our consultant.

*Please send us ONLY English Resume with ONLY MS-WORD format.
*Please do not send for the Zip file or Korean Resume.
*We work 5 days (35hours) a week, work hours is AM 10:00 to PM 5:00.

  • Reasonable & International
  • Having Global Network
  • Worked as Regular Employee
  • Understanding bilingual be-culture skill

I wonder what kind of occupation you've got. The most efficient way is to choose a career that is related to your major subject and to involve In professional career which better suits your interest. It is recommended that you choose a career that is related to your background and your aptitude.

  • First of all, candidates, who consider a job transition, need to prepare a well-organized resume based on good career record.
  • After a resume is prepared, candidates should consider how to effectively deliver the resume to other people.
  • If many search firms send resume regardless of position requirement, candidates can loose their reputation and value.
  • It is helpful for each individuals to continue to keep a good relationship with experienced and knowledge able search firm for an effective career management.

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